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Bracket with zinc flake coating

Zinc-Flake Coating

Over 80% of the requests we receive from current or potential customers deal with the application of coatings to combat corrosion, be it environmental, chemical or temperature related. However, of these requests, the majority are environmental and can be solved with a zinc-flake coating solution. We will delve into ways to combat the other types of corrosion in another post.

An Explanation of Zinc-Flake Coating Systems

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Bracket coated with Magni

What is Cyclic Corrosion Testing?

Cyclic Corrosion Testing 101

In the past several years, Cyclic Corrosion Testing, or CCT, has become a common practice in the automotive industry.

Designed to accelerate corrosion in a laboratory environment, CCT tests how materials used in the auto sector will react to the weather, stimuli, and conditions encountered on the road.This, in turn, allows manufacturers to prepare their materials accordingly, contributing to the longevity and durability of modern automobiles.

What is Cyclic Corrosion Testing?

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Electrostatic Spray

HVLP Spray vs Electrostatic Spray

As an exclusively rack-spray applicator, DECC utilizes two types of spray guns to apply coating to our customer’s parts. Due to EPA regulations, we are not allowed to use conventional spray guns so we use HVLP and electrostatic spray guns. Both have their pros and cons but are extremely effective in providing complete coating coverage, with limited waste, when used on the proper part geometries.

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Fischerscope used for measuring coating thickness

The Three C’s: Coverage, Cure & Cross Hatch

Customers often ask us technical performance questions about the coatings DECC applies. Will the coating pass this test or that? Will it reach this many hours in salt spray? Can it withstand this temperature? Depending on the coating, our answer is usually some variation of “it should…”

This may seem like a cop out. Why won’t we stand behind or guarantee a coating’s performance? As DECC is only a coating applicator, we do not manufacture the coating. Magni, Doerken, Dow, Henkel, etc, design and produce their coatings to meet certain performance characteristics. They tell us what their coatings will do. As long as DECC applies the coatings per the manufacturer’s process recipe, they should exhibit all the performance attributes of which they were designed.

So how do we ensure that the coatings are applied correctly? With the three C’s: coverage, cure and cross hatch.

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