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CAD Drawing

Custom Coating Through the Eyes of an Intern

I am currently an engineering intern seeking to earn my degree next spring. I started working for the DECC Company in the beginning of 2016 and the only prior experience I had in the coating industry was when I used a can of peelable spray paint on my rims to cover up some rust spots.

In my brief one and half years at DECC, I can sum up what I’ve learned about the coating industry in three simple sentences: Continue reading Custom Coating Through the Eyes of an Intern

Gas filler tubes with corrosion resistant coating

The Importance of Fixture Design

Probably one of the most overlooked, or misunderstood, aspects of applying coating via a rack-spray method is the importance of fixture design. In the shortest explanation possible: you can’t just hang a part on a hook and throw coating at it. There are many fixture related contributions that help ensure a component has an adequate, consistent, and high quality film build on the entire part.

Limiting the Faraday cage effect

Because DECC utilizes an electrostatic spray process, we constantly battle the Faraday cage effect. The Faraday cage effect is the repulsion of charged coating particles from recessed and concave areas of a component, preventing the penetration of coating into said area. There are a couple of design features with our fixture DECC considers to help limit this.

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